North Kivu Relief - Refugee Camp

John Bosco
January 30, 2018
CONGO, Democratic Republic of
Conflict in North Kivu continues and our brethren and sister in the North Kivu Mission are being affected.

NORTH KIVU, the DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC OF CONGO—Conflict in North Kivu continues and our brethren in the North Kivu Mission are being affected. War has started, especially in the Kimoka area where rebellions have occurred and some of our people have died amidst the turmoil.


Others have gathered at the church property where we have a school and church and transformed it into a refugee camp. NGOs are arriving to donate food and materials but they come on the Sabbath. Our brethren are in need of food, clothes, and other materials. The call to help these suffering fellow brethren has come. Now is the time to give what you can. May God bless you and keep our brethren under His wings.