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Rodney M. Silva
January 24, 2017
Marriage: do you invest in it or give up?

The Postmodern Family Scenario

Many are those who consider the family institution discredited and bankrupted. From an early age, our young people are induced by the media to think that marriage does not have to last a lifetime.


Alex Cáceres
January 22, 2017
The Spring Harmonies Music School held from January 16-22, 2017 brought 150 musicians together from all over Latin America.

TRUJILLO–The Spring Harmonies Music School began on Monday, January 16, 2017 in Trujillo, Peru. The special event brought together musicians from all over Latin America for a week of learning, practicing, and growing their talents. Between orchestra and choir, there were approximately 150 musicians present during the week. 


Jaene Tenorio, Nutritionist
January 19, 2017
Is there a way to appease a colicky baby?

The composition of the mother's milk is, of course, affected by the mother's diet, and thus the concentration of various nutrients in the milk are reflections of the maternal diet. Lactation requires a lot of nutrition and requires a certain caloric expenditure, so it is very important for mothers to be attentive to what they eat and to seek a healthy and balanced diet. Another important factor is to always stay hydrated. Water intake is essential during lactation.


Food ingested by the mother can also cause colic in the baby.


Sacred Voice
January 12, 2017
The Sacred Voice Choir held a benefit cantata in partnership with DAR (SDARM Portugal's welfare department).

MONTIJO, PORTUGAL—On December 18, 2016, the Sacred Voice Choir held its first benefit cantata at a local school. The event was held in partnership with DAR, the SDARM Welfare Department branch in Portugal. The entry fee for the event was one kilogram of non-perishable food items which were received by DAR and donated to those in need. 


Jaene Tenorio, Nutritionist
January 12, 2017
Did you know that nursing is as important for the baby as it is for the mother?

Nursing is as important for the baby as it is for the mother. Maternal milk is the best and most complete food for the baby. It is the only necessary and essential food during the first 6 months of life. During this time, the baby should not receive teas, juice, or even water. Some employ the use of teas to reduce cramps and calm the baby, however, offering teas, and any other liquid causes the baby to ingest less of the mother's milk thereby reducing the essential nutrient supply and anti-infective factors contained in the milk, which consequently weakens the child's defense organism.