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André Devai
May 16, 2018
The Welfare Department has begun a campaign to help the children of our brethren and friends in Africa. With monthly donations, often the price of a treat we would give ourselves, you can change a life.


Eli Tenorio
May 14, 2018
The following points will be analyzed by the Doctrinal Council in September. The points (all or some) will be presented to the 2019 GC Delegation Session next year.

This spring, the Doctrinal Committee (pictured above) met to discuss the agenda of doctrinal points to be discussed by the Doctrinal Council later this year. As the brethren always request the prayer of our members during this time, they felt it would be important the members know what they were praying for.


The following is a list of topics that will be analyzed by the Doctrinal Council, which will meet in Roanoke this September. The Council will advise on which topics (all or some) will be presented to the 2019 GC Delegation Session next year. 


John Baer, D.O.
May 10, 2018
Do you know the symptoms and how to tell if someone you love is experiencing a stroke? What is a stroke anyways, and what happens to the body when it happens? Find out now.

Coronary heart disease is the leading cause of deaths in patients with cardiovascular disease (CVD) (43%) in the United States. Stroke comes in at number two for 16.8% of CVD patients. Every 40 seconds someone suffers from a stroke in the United States. "Stroke" is a term used to describe a life-threatening problem that affects the flow of blood to a part of the brain. There are two types of strokes: ischemic and hemorrhagic.


André Devai
May 8, 2018

São Paulo, 03 de Maio de 2018

“Ora, vós sois o corpo de Cristo, e seus membros em particular.” (I Cor.12:27)


Apoio a nossos irmãos de Rwanda

Andre Devai
May 8, 2018
The government of Rwanda has ordered our churches to close until the buildings meet new building codes and criteria. The list may seem impossible, but with God all things are possible. It is time to add action to our prayers.


São Paulo, May 03, 2018
"Now ye are the body of Christ, and members in particular," 1 Corinthians 12: 27.


Support for our brethren in Rwanda