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The Church and Her Mission

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  SABBATH, JUNE 4, 2016

First Sabbath Offering for a chapel in Podgorica, Montenegro

Montenegro is a European mountainous country in the southern Balkan Peninsula. Its capital and largest city is Podgorica, while Cetinje is designated as the Prijestonica, meaning the former Royal Capital City. Montenegrins have been, historically, members of the Serbian Orthodox Church and Serbian Orthodox Christianity is still the most popular religion in that area today. There is also a small Roman Catholic population, mostly among the Albanians and some Croats. About one-fifth of the population identifies with Islam.

Montenegro is known for its natural beauty and a turbulent history resulting from the domination of the Ottoman Empire. The freedom-loving people of Montenegro will never reconcile with the hardships of war and slavery. Throughout the centuries they have faced the horrors of prolonged wars. The rugged nature in northern Montenegro, where snow can fall every month of the year, and the mild Mediterranean climate on the southern Adriatic coast, in the same country, have contributed to the development of a special mentality of people with strong emotions that are reluctant to give up traditional values.

In such circumstances the Seventh Day Adventist Reform Movement began its operations in the 1990s when, with the help of some overseas believers, we bought a piece of land and built a house of prayer and worship on the outskirts of Podgorica. Our local church community has operated in this building since 1992.

Due to the distance between the chapel and the city of Podgorica, and the difficulties in transportation links with the city, we have decided to relocate the existing chapel and to buy a property in a location closer to the people that need to hear the message of salvation. Which is why we need additional funds to advance the work of God in this part of the world.

We encourage our fellow believers and members of the Sabbath Schools around the world to remember our needs here in Montenegro and we thank you all for your generous offerings and prayers.

Your brethren and sisters in Christ from Montenegro

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