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Sabbath Bible Lessons

Light for Today From the Sanctuary Service

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As explained in the previous Sabbath Bible Lessons quarterly, the lessons for entire year (2011) are dedicated to examining the Word of God with reference to the plan of salvation in the light of the sanctuary service.

Through the sanctuary doctrine—which has been revealed to the believers in the threefold message of Revelation 14—a number of distinctive points of truth have come to light. This is the “Present Truth” in which we must become firmly established before we can give it to the world.

“We all need to keep the subject of the sanctuary in mind. God forbid that the clatter of words coming from human lips should lessen the belief of our people in the truth that there is a sanctuary in heaven, and that a pattern of this sanctuary was once built on this earth. God desires His people to become familiar with this pattern, keeping ever before their minds the heavenly sanctuary, where God is all and in all.”—Manuscript Releases, vol. 2, p. 186.

“God’s people are now to have their eyes fixed on the heavenly sanctuary, where the final ministration of our great High Priest in the work of the judgment is going forward—where He is interceding for His people.”—Evangelism, p. 223.

“The true servant of God will take the suggestions and temptations of Satan to the throne of grace, where peace and submission will flow into the soul. When he enters into the sanctuary he will know the end of those who have not the fear of the Lord before their eyes. . . .

“In these last days there is a call from heaven inviting you to keep the statutes and ordinances of the Lord. The world has set at naught the law of Jehovah; but God will not be left without a witness to His righteousness, or without a people in the earth to proclaim His truth. The door of the heavenly sanctuary has been opened, and no man can shut it, and the light of the holy of holies is shining into the world. The people of God have had their attention called to the ark of the testimony, and the law within it has been revealed with its unalterable precepts.”—The Signs of the Times, February 3, 1888.

The lessons for this quarter carry the title Light for Today From the Sanctuary Service. May these lessons be instrumental in bringing to our Sabbath School students around the world the knowledge we all need in preparation for the soon coming of Christ. This is our prayer.

The General Conference Sabbath School Department

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