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The Domino Effect

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The Domino Effect
Liviu Tudoroiu

The Dark Ages, the scary Inquisition, and the torture chambers are long forgotten. Is it possible that the Papacy (which is, was, and will be for a while, the most powerful institution on Earth) will ever change the very essence of its intentions? H. E. Manning, in the book, The Present Crisis of the Holy See, says: “The Rome of the Middle Ages claimed universal monarchy. The Modern Church of Rome has abandoned nothing, retracted nothing.”1

So, if Rome does not change, then who changes? Protestant America, correct? “Only editors imbued with the principles of the Reformation will insist that the happiness of mankind depends on the triumph of the Republican form of Government.”2

Protestant Republicanism was defined by a society without kings and a religion without popes, but the conviction of Rome is: “Well informed Catholics will bear in mind that the Pope is not only their spiritual father in Christ, but also a crowned Head, a King with Temporal Possessions.”3

So, it is impossible to blend these two very opposite views: Biblical Protestantism vs. the never-changing Roman hierarchy. In reality, one of the two has to resign its privileges, rights, and power in order to harmonize. Unfortunately, Protestantism is the one actor that takes a few steps back, accepting the loss, forsaking its Biblical foundation. Obviously by doing this, it yokes itself under the submission of slavery to Rome.

The immediate reality is pretty shocking because it impacts our present generation. This is not history anymore—it’s the fulfilment of history in the present time. It is not the prophecy anymore, but the fulfilment of the prophecy in our times.

Altar boys of prominence?

Father D. S. Phelan, on June 27, 1912, produced a mega statement in The Western Watchman:

“Tell us we are Catholics first and Americans or Englishmen afterwards; of course we are. Tell us, in the conflict between the church and the civil government we take the side of the church; of course we do. Why, if the Government of the United States were at war with the church, we would say tomorrow, To hell with the Government of the United States; and if the church and all the governments of the world were at war, we would say: To hell with all the governments of the world.

“Why is it, that in this country, where we have only seven per cent of the population, the Catholic Church is so much feared? She is loved by all her children and feared by everybody. Why is it the Pope has such tremendous power? Why, the Pope is the ruler of the World. All the emperors, all the kings, all the princes, all the presidents of the world are as these altar boys of mine: The Pope is the ruler of the world.”4

So, it happens that today, our world leaders are bowing down to the Pope, acting as altar boys, irrespective of his or her political or religious tie. A few examples of various individuals will be sufficient to reveal the facts:

Mrs. Hillary Clinton declared that: “You certainly don’t need to be Catholic to be inspired by the humility and heart of the ‘Holy Father,’ Pope Francis. . . ,”5 while her countercandidate Donald Trump echoed similar language: “My administration will stand side by side with the American Catholics to promote the values we all share as Christians and Americans.”

So, regardless of the political affiliations, both Democrats and Republicans have the same attitude and perspective when it comes to the Pope, and now more recently especially among younger Republicans, climate change—and ultimately this will culminate in the legalization of Sunday-keeping.

When we deal with two authorities, Caesar and Jesus, we cannot be neutral; we choose one or the other. It’s like when you deal with LOVE, you give everything or nothing. So it is with submission to the highest authority in the universe. We cannot have Jesus, the King of the Universe and at the same time be bowing to the Pope, claiming to be the vicar of Christ, demanding the same authority as the Creator of the universe. It’s one or the other.

What’s the hidden agenda behind the climate change issue?

“We were created for work, but we were also made to rest. It’s interesting that even secular studies have embraced the idea that we need to take a break andregularly (see these pieces in the,  , and). Rest is a creational principle—it is embedded in the molecules of our DNA.”6

“According to a recent report published by The World Health Organization and The Climate and Clean Air Coalition, a voluntary partnership of governments, intergovernmental organizations, businesses, scientific institutions and civil society organizations committed to protecting the climate and improving air quality through reducing short-lived climate pollutants, air pollution is responsible for an estimated seven million deaths annually, or one in eight premature deaths every year. . . .

“This suggests that the time may be right for [author, economist, and religious scholar Dr. David Smadja’s] proposal.  ‘This frantic race to go faster and faster makes us forget essential things, such as loving ourselves, others and also our earth,’ says Smadja, ‘the result is a global disaster, whose ecological impact is more and more obvious.  A Sabbath for ourselves, our industry and our environment is a corrective to these failures. It is a transcendence of spiritual over material will lead to a better sharing of wealth and a measurable improvement to the climate crisis that can bring together populists, progressives and conservatives toward a common cause.’ ”7

This suggests that the time may be right for Dr. Smadja’s proposal. “This frantic race to go faster and faster makes us forget essential things, such as loving ourselves, others and also our earth,” says Smadja, “the result is a global disaster, whose ecological impact is more and more obvious. A Sabbath for ourselves, our industry and our environment is a corrective to these failures. It is a transcendence of spiritual over material will lead to a better sharing of wealth and a measurable improvement to the climate crisis that can bring together populists, progressives and conservatives toward a common cause.”7A

The weapon of choice: Dogma switched to science

After being threatened to recant his theory that the earth orbits the sun, the Italian astronomer, Galileo Galilei (1564–1642) was said to have mumbled, “E pur si muove. “Albeit It does move.” As a scientist, Galileo had been severely persecuted for challenging the Vatican’s view that the sun revolved around the earth. Galileo’s scientific findings to the contrary were not only taboo, in 1616 they caused him to be summoned by the Roman Inquisition on the charge of heresy, a crime typically punished with torture. It is not known whether Galileo really dared to mumble such a statement after his sentence was pronounced, since to express such a view would bring certain death at the hands of the ecclesiastical hierarchy.

Yet now it looks like Rome has adjusted its methods since then. Today it is intensely using science to promote its religious agenda. The Roman Church has launched a campaign to save the planet from global warming, by replacing the medieval dogmas of the Dark Ages with the scientific inquisition of the Information Age. Four hundred years ago, they used dogma as a way to persecute science, and now are starting to use science as a way to persecute the Word of God and its followers. Let us consider a few convincing evidences in this sense:

Catholics are still in campaign (April 30, 2018) by Brian Roewe. “The Catholic Climate Covenant officially launched on April 25 the‘Catholics Are Still In’ campaignto assemble church institutions behind a united Catholic Climate Declaration advocating for U.S. action. . . . “Climate change is an urgent moral issue because it compromises the future of our common home, threatens human life and human dignity, and adds to the hardships already experienced by the poorest and most vulnerable people both at home and abroad. We teach that governments exist to protect and promote the common good, and that ‘the climate is a common good, belonging to all and meant for all,’ referencing a passage from Pope Francis,’ 2015 environmental encyclical ‘Laudato Si,’ on Care for Our Common Home.”8

Slipping into a religious flavor

“In respecting religious liberty and the common good of all, Christians should seek recognition of SUNDAYS and the Church’s holy days as legal holidays.” 9

“THE PARIS AGREEMENTon climate change is a triumph of diplomacy. At its best, diplomacy enables countries to find the common good, just as politics at its best enables a single society to find the common good. . . . “Populist movements across Europe have begun to push back. Earlier this year, Poland restricted almost all Sunday shopping with a law backed by the Catholic Church and the Solidarity trade union. Hungary banned Sunday shopping in 2015 but repealed the measure a year later, while retaining 12 public holidays and the right of workers to take Sundays off.”11

“Discussions about the Sabbath often center around moralistic laws and arguments over whether a person should be able to play cards or purchase liquor on Sundays. In this volume, popular author Walter Brueggemann writes that the Sabbath is not simply about keeping rules but rather about becoming a whole person and restoring a whole society.”12

Regardless of whether it is the left or the right media, both branches intensively assist in the fulfilment of implementing the SUN-DAY as the day of rest to save the planet and reverse climate change. The general promotion of SUN-DAY rest is gradually becoming more prevalent and the climate change hysteria fits right in:

“And on the Seventh Day We Rested?”13; “Tightrope: Better take a break [keep Sunday], or you’ll break down”14; “German Court Enforces Day of Rest”15; “Slow Sunday: The simple solution to global warming”: “Using Sunday as a day of rest and renewal would be good for our personal health as well as the health of the planet”16; “Let’s Make Sunday a Day of Rest. . .”17; “Keeping stores open on Sunday is not beneficial for society:18 “Pope: No Work Sundays Not Just for Faithful”19; “Arizona State Senator: Make Sunday Church Attendance Mandatory”20; “Sunday as a Mark of Christian Unity.”21

The most prominent emblem of the Roman Church is the mystic SUN-DAY, the ancient pagan “venerable day of the sun”—the mark of sun worship. On the approximate day when the sun resurrects every year, around December 25th, is the day that Constantine the Great elevated on March 7, a.d. 321, as a commemoration of the ancient incarnation of the sun god, the Persians’ Mithra, the god of the Babylonians and Egyptians regardless of whether it’s called Baal, Bel, Murdoch, Marduk, Mitra, Ra, or whatever. SUNDAY is the emblem of the Roman church (Sun-day) of its mark, the symbol of her authority, as they freely claim: “Of course the Catholic Church claims that the change was her act. . . . And the act is a MARK of her ecclesiastical power and authority in religious matters.”22

The transparency of the following declaration leaves no space for doubt in the fact that behind the huge emphasis on global warming and climate change is actually the desire of Rome to rule the world.

“Not the Creator of the Universe in Genesis 2:1–3, but the Catholic Church ‘can claim the honor of having granted man a pause to his work every seven days.’ ?”23 “Sunday. . . is purely a creation of the Catholic Church.”23A

Looking for someone to blame

Former Governor of California, Jerry Brown, who is described as an evangelist for climate change, also blamed climate change deniers for the recent deadly fires in that state, saying that they are responsible for the deaths of California residents. 24

So, as we can see, things are heading in such a direction that some are trying to find a scapegoat for the natural disasters of catastrophic proportions. The ice is melting, the world is feared to become a global desert, and at the end, SUN-DAY, Yes SUN-DAY, SUNDAY REVERENCE, will be introduced to the world as the ultimate solution for saving Earth.

On Sunday, the Democrats and Republicans can reconcile with each other; on SUNDAY, all religions will have to rest for the “cooling off the planet.” On the DAY OF THE SUN, the world will unite to save the planet.

Let’s realize something

There is nothing wrong with the intent to save the planet. This is very noble and moral. However, considering both sides of the coin, we have to address a few clarifying questions: If it does not matter what day of the week we take a break to rest, as long we save the planet, why don’t we rest on the biblical seventh day of the week? The effect is the same, correct? If a Sunday law forces people to stop their secular activities only and strictly on Sunday, that by default shows the true nature of such subtlety in hiding the true purpose of its promoters. Passing a religious law undercover, or embedded in climate change, clearly provides the necessary support in reestablishing the supremacy of the Church of the Dark Ages.

Does the intent of this law consider the details of God’s law? What if . . . God in His providence leads things in the opposite direction? Is there any one of these climate-change protagonists to make any remarks in reference to God or the Bible? Do they have any consideration or regard for Bible prophecy? What if there is one greater than the Pope? What if there is a Bible prophecy that speaks about the imminent destruction of our sinful world? What if the second coming of the Lord Jesus Christ is the very “wall” that opposes the globalists and their perspective of climate change? Does the MEDIA acknowledge that any one of these potential factors has a role to play in the destiny of our planet? Does the left or right wing of the MEDIA have any desire to inform the people about Christ’s second coming?

Rome conceals its real intentions very well, but there is One above all that cannot be deceived nor mocked. God in His wisdom has an invisible line that cannot be bypassed. Multitudes may cry “peace and safety,” but imminent destruction is gradually stirring up from above. The perfect storm is quiet, intense and devastating in nature and very precise. Maranatha, Behold, the Lord is coming!

Looking into Bible prophecy

In the book of Daniel, chapter 11:44, 45, there is a powerful king controlling the world, being terrified by the news coming from the east and from the north. The Bible reader knows why the most powerful man on earth will be so concerned to destroy all those that are bringing up a different kind of perspective, supposedly for the salvation of our planet.

“But tidings out of the east and out of the north shall trouble him: therefore he shall go forth with great fury to destroy, and utterly to make away many” (Daniel 11:44). The good news of the second coming of the Lord terrifies him. To put this in the right perspective, we can read Matthew 24:14, “And this gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in all the world for a witness to all nations; and then shall the end come.” So, he (the Antichrist), shall go forth with great fury to destroy and utterly to take away many. That is the agenda of the globalists, to exterminate from the face of the earth those that oppose one-world dictatorship. “Treason against the Roman government was the crime for which Jesus was condemned.”25

So, history will be repeated with the followers of Jesus. As the Christians in Rome were unjustly accused by Nero for burning Rome—a crime that he himself committed, so will history be repeated with those who do not buy into the “Climate Change SUNDAY Worship.”

This is why the people of God will be blamed for the calamities that will affect our land.

The people that will obey the word of God rather than the tradition of men will be perceived in the same way as the apostle Paul upon his arrival in Rome as the object of universal execration. Jesus mentioned about the fact that a persecuting power will always have more of the character of the beast rather than the character of a lamb.

Do not forget the statement above with the words of Jerry Brown that he blamed climate change deniers for the deadly fires in his state.

Who decides what is “good”?

Matthew 19:17, Jesus explains, “there is none good but one, that is, God.” And supposedly for that good, the Lord was crucified, since, as Caiaphas, the head religious leader in his day presumed to his colleagues, “Ye know nothing at all, nor consider that it is expedient for us, that one man [Christ] should die for the people, and that the whole nation perish not” (John 11:49, 50).

And today we hear much about “the common good.” What is it? What is the magic behind this expression? The quest for the Common Good and Climate Change—Sunday Worship—are very much connected in the international political and religious arena. Let us look at some of the serious facts that may lead to the fulfilment of Bible prophecy:

“The Paris agreement on climate change is a triumph of diplomacy. At its best diplomacy enables countries to find the common good, just as the politics at its best enables a single society to find the common good.”26

“Together, the countries of the world have agreed that, in minimizing risks of climate change, the national interest IS BEST SERVED BY PURSUING THE COMMON GOOD. I believe it is an example we could gainfully follow across the political agenda.27

“Only those who recognize that the common good concerns a man’s soul can explain why we should legislate rest on Sunday: to honour the God who on that day rose. This is why we call Sunday the Lord’s day.”28

“By defending Sunday, one defends human freedom. . . . Sunday is the day of the Lord and man, a day which everyone must be able to be free—free for the family and free for God.”29

“Ye know nothing at all, nor consider that it is [for ‘the common good]’, that one man should die for the people, and that the whole nation perish not” (John 11:49, 50).

“The death penalty can sometimes support THE COMMON GOOD. . . . ‘Therefore If a man be dangerous and infectious to the community, on account of some sin, it is praiseworthy and advantageous that he be killed in order to safeguard the common good.”30

Jesus clearly foretold: “They shall put you out of the synagogues: yea, the time cometh, that whosoever killeth you will think that he doeth God service” (John 16:2).

Somewhere in 1898, over 130 years ago, A.T. Jones, an American thinker, made a remarkable inquiry into the “Common Good” philosophy. Here is what he had to say about this fancy concept: “What, on the other hand, is the ‘common good’? It is a very indefinite term. Each person defines it to suit himself. Governments define it to suit themselves. . . .

“ ‘When we speak of natural rights it must be with limitations. Natural rights of the individual in the community are subordinate to the common good. Sabbath laws have been proved to be for the common good.

“Natural rights are sought to be curtailed in the interests of Sundays laws.” Now we understand what A.T. Jones clarified in regard to the “common good” definition when he said: “Sunday laws are a denial of natural rights, and this is instinctively recognized by the advocates of such laws in the pleas made for their enactment.”31

So, here we have a clear example of how our fundamental rights to freedom and liberty can easily be infringed upon. When politicians and religious leaders joined the cause of “common good,” to set a uniform individual and social behavior, the end of a free society is near. Around the year 1990, author Malachi Martin, after writing the book, The Keys of This Blood, was praised by The Dallas Morning News as being a prophet, stating that in biblical times they would have called him a prophet. In his book Martin describes very well the Vatican’s intention to control the world through the same scenario:

“Willing or not, ready or not, we are all in an all-out, no-holds-barred, three-way global competition. Most of us are not competitors, however. We are the stakes. For the competition is about who will establish the first one-world system of government that has ever existed in the society of nations. It is about who will hold and wield the dual power of authority and control over each of us as individuals and over all of us together as a community. . . . No holds are barred because, once the competition has been decided, the world and all that’s in it—our way of life as individuals and as citizens of the nations; our families and our jobs; our trade and commerce and money; our educational systems and our religions and our cultures; even the badges of our natural identity, which most of us have always taken for granted all will have been powerfully and radically altered forever. No one can be exempted from its effects. No sector of our lives will remain untouched.”32

When we speak of “the common good,” in reality, we are talking about a very communistic view of leveling the conscience of individuals. No freedom of expression, no liberty.

“Populist movements across Europe have begun to push back. Earlier this year, Poland restricted almost all Sunday shopping with a law backed by the Catholic Church and the Solidarity trade union.”

“For this reason, THE SABBATH [they are actually referring to Sunday] IS THE HEART OF ALL SOCIAL LEGISLATION.” Christian politics begins with the Sabbath. Our task is to secure it in law—not as a privilege for the powerful, but a right enjoyed by all.”33

Church and state comingled

The guideline of the international policy of the New World Order was obstructed by the still-surviving mentality of many Christian Bible believers—and as this Protestant mentality is removed from society today, the way to implementing a Global policy is open. In fact, Henry Kissinger, former Secretary of State, on page 20 of his book, World Order, confirms the natural course of action towards the largest dictatorship ever known to humanity:

“The Protestant reformation destroyed the concept of a world order sustained by the ‘two swords’ of PAPACY and EMPIRE.”34

One of the greatest, most translated authors of all times, Ellen G. White—who lived more than half a century before Malachi Martin—wrote:

“Church and state are now making preparations for the future conflict. Protestants are working in disguise to bring Sunday to the front, as did the Romanists.” 35

It is amazing to see these premonitions fulfilled in our times. Just look at the facts: The Wall Street Journal, on August 6, 2015, confirms the fulfillment of these words:

“The Religion of Climate Change: Lending the power of the pulpit to the cause of environ-mental politics.”36 The author continues opening our eyes with more profoundness in the light of our subject:

“[Papal] doctrines are exerting their influence in legislative halls, in the churches, and in the hearts of men. . . . In free America, rulers and legislators, in order to secure public favor, will yield to the popular demand for a law enforcing Sunday observance.”37

With prophetic accuracy, the words of Ellen G. White were fulfilled in the declaration of Pope Francis: “Sundays are a gift from God—don’t ruin it.”38

As H. E. Manning said and we repeat: “The Rome of the Middle Ages claimed universal monarchy. The Modern Church of Rome has abandoned nothing, retracted nothing.”1 That is why the following statement makes perfect sense in the mindset of the Roman tradition: “The Catholic Church for over one thousand years before the existence of a Protestant, by virtue of her Divine Mission, changed the day from Saturday to Sunday.”39 Not the Creator of the universe, in Genesis 2:1–3—but the Catholic Church “can claim the honor of having granted man a pause to his work every seven days.”40

The result of such an attitude will lead people out from under the shield of God—and the results will be inevitable: “As men depart further and further from God, Satan is permitted to have power over the children of disobedience. He hurls destruction among men. There is calamity by land and sea. Property and life are destroyed by fire and flood. Satan resolves to charge this upon those who refuse to bow to the idol which he has set up. His agents point to Seventh-day Adventists as the cause of the trouble. ‘These people stand out in defiance of law,’ they say. ‘They desecrate Sunday. Were they compelled to obey the law for Sunday observance, there would be a cessation of these terrible judgments.’ ”41

“Satan puts his interpretation upon events, and they [leading men] think, as he would have them, that the calamities which fill the land are a result of Sunday-breaking. Thinking to appease the wrath of God, these influential men make laws enforcing Sunday observance. They think that by exalting this false rest-day higher, and still higher, compelling obedience to the Sunday law, the spurious sabbath, they are doing God service. Those who honor God by observing the true Sabbath are looked upon as disloyal to God, when it is really those who thus regard them who are themselves disloyal, because they are trampling under foot the Sabbath originated in Eden.” 42

Reality in the sight of God

In reality, the true people of God are elevating His true Sabbath that originated in the garden of Eden as the memorial of creation, the crown of the birth of human family, the symbol of salvation, and the Sabbath on which Jesus rested in His mission on Earth, as well as the day of deliverance on which so many of the miracles of Jesus were performed, with the intent to blend the spiritual healing of the sinner with the day on which his/her deliverance occurred. The Sabbath and Jesus will forever be preserved in the mind of the repentant sinner. Not a few of the theologians of the church hierarchy acknowledge that: “The Adventists are the only body of Christians with the Bible as their teacher, who can find no warrant in its pages for the change of day from the seventh to the first. Hence their appellation, ‘Seventh-day Adventists.’ ”43

In opposition with the recognition Rome has to the Adventist Biblical consistency in regard to the Sabbath day, Louis-Gaston Ségur, in his “Plain Talk about the Protestantism of To-Day,” London, 1874, displays the inconsistent pretention of Protestants in regard to their Bible-faith-based claim: “Thus the observance of Sunday by the Protestants is a homage they pay, in spite of themselves, to the authority of the (Catholic) Church.”44

The Roman Church does indeed have a real perception about the fact that most of her beliefs are non-Biblical and very antagonistic in nature. Rome purposefully has chosen to go against the Scripture and against the God of the Bible in a very conscientious manner. Her moves and actions for the establishment of papal supremacy in the world are neither blind nor accidental, but rather are very keenly and meticulously designed.

A lesson from the prophet Elijah

In his day, Elijah was a solitary man compelled to face an entire nation. The same system of Sunday worship, very similar in practice and nature to the Roman empire religion of today, was dragging the Israelites away from worshipping God on the Sabbath day to worshipping Baal on the day of the sun. This conflict between Baal and the God of Israel, between Sunday worship and Sabbath worship, transpired in a very similar fashion to the climate change cry of today’s society. In the time of Elijah, global warming was tearing the country apart. The common good made Jezebel to incriminate Elijah the prophet of God. The common good made the nation to persecute the innocent one, Elijah. What a similarity—the same history in futuristic perspective! We, too, are living in the time of the Elijah message (see Malachi 4:5) with the same reasoning and the same attitude towards the people of God—and with the same results. Let us review the Bible verses and put them in today’s perspective:

“And it came to pass, when Ahab saw Elijah, that Ahab said unto him, Art thou he that troubleth Israel? And he answered, I have not troubled Israel; but thou, and thy father’s house, in that ye have forsaken the commandments of the Lord, and thou hast followed Baalim” (1 Kings 18:17, 18).

Elijah was one man persecuted by the nation. He was blamed for the climate change in his time, he was blamed for the global warming of his time and we as the people of God will be blamed for the climate change and global warming of today. Elijah was doing the “right math”—one man plus God equals a majority, so likewise the people of God in modern times will be determined to respect the same reasoning, one man plus God equals a majority.

In the showdown of supremacy of the true Creator of heaven and earth in the days of Elijah, the prophet gave an open challenge: “Elijah came unto all the people, and said, How long halt ye between two opinions? if the Lord be God, follow him: but if Baal, then follow him. And the people answered him not a word” (1 Kings 18:21).

So, it will be today. The same message will be delivered by the people of God in regard to the climate change dilemma: How long halt you between two opinions? If the Lord Jesus is God, then follow Christ. If the Pope is god, then follow him. If the keeping of SUNDAY will improve the climate, then Rome is right. But if compulsory Sunday legislation will worsen the climate, then the Bible is, as always, true. God will accept the challenge.

“The Pope is the ruler of this world,” they may claim, but the true God of the universe will intervene; Jesus will come and put an end to the world’s misery and sin, we the people that wander as pilgrims and strangers will have to pass the test of time. The Scapegoat is on the way; the One that became sin for humanity is coming to deliver His own. Jesus, yes, Jesus is going to rescue the people of God from the hands of the Antichrist. The equation is simple: Which choice will we make? The Sabbath of the Bible or the DAY OF THE SUN (SUNDAY), the law of God or the tradition of man? The Lord Jesus or the Pope? The next step in the order of events is a repeat of the declaration of Caiaphas, to “consider that it is expedient for us [i.e., for ‘the common good’], that one man should die for the people, and that the whole nation perish not” (John 11:50).

“There is a way which seemeth right unto a man, but the end thereof are the ways of death” (Proverbs 14:12).

[To be continued.]

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