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The Reformation Herald Online Edition

The Domino Effect

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What do people believe about . . . Everything That Really Matters?

Emancipation hysteria is a pandemic that regulates the dynamics of our society. A new phone, a new iPad, a new adventure, a new movie, a new house, a new car, a new kitchen, new furniture, or a new life partner and so many other unfulfilled desires for the new and sensational, stimulate the progress of humanity towards the inevitable EXIT to . . . THE END.

Tired of apathic Christianity, people are turning to Eastern religions that have not been able to solve the misery of starvation in their countries of origin. Those of this philosophy tend to regroup their forces in order to seek shelter in the Western world. They are taking over the spiritual markets of America. The package comes with the gurus that are craving for recognition. The holistic signs, multicolored with the esoteric images lit up in city windows invite you to experience the transcendental. Many of these mentors, dressed in a spectacular white robes, tempt society to bite from the forbidden tree, while the Christian church chameleons itself in a yoga club. Prayer is replaced by “meditation.” Moreover, under the garment of innocence, taverns invite you to indulge in relaxation through marijuana as a psychic experience.

“Unisex fashion” is rapidly being bypassed by the new flipping gender fashion. Morality is assimilated gently by evolutionary thinking, and human psychology shifts the responsibility of our present actions to past personal traumas lost somewhere in time. Everything that happens is supposedly somebody else’s fault. Relativism atrophies the moral compass, and so we see evil well explained and documented becoming necessary good. And the good we have advocated based on the Scripture for so long is now viewed as socially rejected evil.

The west is going wild

The United States is turning into a new wild west but it’s a bigger and faster Wild West than in the pioneer days. “To be or not to be.” That is the question. Do we have freedom to violate the morals—or do we have freedom to obey the morals? Cause and effect will consequently impact society.

Another peculiarity of our time is the fact that no one seems to have the courage to take the responsibility for what goes wrong in our fragile world. Everybody blames everybody.

Money talks to people across the world and is becoming the “god” of the century. We are becoming more and more of a money-oriented society. It really seems that most people would abandon their moral principles if circumstances pressure them enough.

In the political arena, China is flexing its muscles, engaging in a provocative economical dispute against the USA, calling the attention of the world. On the other side of the world, the Pope defends climate change and proposes how we may save the planet.

Many don’t know how to answer this specific dilemma of climate change. Who is to be blamed for global warming? Obviously it is not considered to be the great corporations that produce huge amount of glass, plastic, and aluminum, bottles which result in trash, or the enterprises that dictate the tempo of our smog and pollution. It is supposedly the individual that buys the “canned cancer foods” that have so many additives, barely readable. We are to be blamed for global warming—we eat too much, we drink too much, and we are too many.

This new concept that makes us guilty that we exist, brings us to the long-time advocated philosophy of the evolutionary thinking called “natural selection,” a very dangerous road of depopulating the world supposedly for and in behalf of the “common good.”

For preserving the planet, it is thought that some of us have to disappear, because we are too many. So, if we are too many, what criteria will be used to select who is destined for life and who is for extinction? Maybe the Georgia Guidestones can give us a clue in this direction—when we read the statements engraved in that massive granite structure often referred to as the American Stonehenge: “Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature. Guide reproduction wisely improving fitness and diversity. Unite humanity with a living new language. . . . Be not a cancer on the earth—Leave room for nature—Leave room for nature.”

We all agree that we have to preserve nature. But to force a man to make a law to extinguish humans to protect what they often refer to as “mother” nature, looks very suspect and grotesque.

Dear reader, I urge you to consider carefully the contents of this issue of The Reformation Herald; you might appreciate seeing about the new developments in the world’s arena and what Bible prophecy has to say about everything that really matters.  

Life on Earth has an end. We spend health to get the money, then we spend money to get back the health. We miss the present, being obsessed with the future. In reality we live neither in the present nor the future. We live as if we would never die and when we die, we die as if we never lived.