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Field Conference - Macugnaga, Italy


Start Date: 
June 17, 2022
End Date: 
June 19, 2022



Dear brethren and friends in Christ,

The Italian Field invites you to a Spiritual Conference under the theme "Blessed are the Pure in Heart". This year, our conference will be in the Piedmont region!


The event will be held from June 17-19 in Soggiorno Alpino, Macugnaga, locality Fornarelli.


Our guest speaker will be Brother David Zic, the GC Education Department Director.


The facility that will welcome us lies in a quiet, peaceful meadow, near a great forest in Fornarelli. This is the address:


Soggiorno Alpino Macugnaga

Locality Fornarelli

28876 Macugnaga (Provincia del Verbano-Cusio-Ossola) – Piedmont region


Macugnaga is about 140 km from Milan and 190 km from Torino.

REGISTRATION: All who want to participate are invited to register as soon as possible, but not after May 31, 2022. Registration can take place by phone, via WhatsApp, or via e-mail to Sister Tabita Daramus Tinta (Tel. +39 0432 928498; Cell. 3887519957; E-Mail:


The cost for accommodation is 20.00 Euro by night. Please bring sheets, towels, and toilet paper. Everyone will be responsible for meals; kitchen and refrigerator are available.  


Please arrive between 2-5pm.


For more information about accommodations and the location, please contact the organizing committee: Brother Giordano Tinta (cell. 3478700848), Brother Emilson Motta (cell. 3890231137) and Sister Tabita Daramus (cell. 3887519957).


We hope to see you in Macugnaga! Brotherly greetings in Jesus Christ!   


Organizing Committee


Event Category: 
Camp Meeting