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Missionary Campaign - Italy


Start Date: 
June 23, 2019
End Date: 
June 30, 2019
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Dear brethren and friends, may the peace of our Lord Jesus be with you all! 

The Italian Field is pleased to invite all those who wish to participate in the distribution of the Present Truth at a special Mission Campaign in Basilicata! From June 23-30, 2019, the participants in this beautiful missionary program will be actively working, ready to make the Eternal known through His Word. 

The missionary program will consist of the distribution of leaflets, pamphlets, and books in the streets and squares of the inhabited centers of Basilicata. 


The invitation is especially extended to young people who wish to serve the Lord. If they are minors, they must be accompanied by a parent or by an adult.

For more information on the Basilicata 2019 Missionary Campaign and for registrations, please contact Bro. Giordano Tinta (tel. 3478700848; E-Mail: or Bro. Joel Duran (tel. 3395918334; E-Mail: joeldurang@virgilio.itby May 31st 2019 ! 

With the hope of receiving your support, we send you fraternal greetings.

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Event Category: 
Evangelistic Outreach