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Women's Retreat - Australia


Start Date: 
November 22, 2019
End Date: 
November 24, 2019


5760 Putty Rd
Colo Heights
Map Area
Colo Heights ,  NSW

We believe that the best life we can lead is the one that is fully focused and satisfied in Jesus Christ. Living in deep relationship and connection with him is what truly makes us ‘salt of the earth’ kind of people. Maintaining this connection strong, however, can be difficult especially if we are leading busy lives serving the people and commitments that are important to us. It can be tricky to find the balance between daily work life and our spiritual life. We get it!


This is why we want to invite all you lovely ladies to join us for a one weekend getaway, where Jesus and community is the focus. It will be a place where you can grow and share with other like-minded women who are also seeking to grow closer to God and stronger in faith.  We want to invite you to share a unique experience of love, friendship and praise so that when you return to your families, you can be refreshed, strengthened and more on fire for God than ever! We also hope to leave you feeling more prepared for the balancing act awaiting you! Join us this November to truly go deeper into what it means to be Satisfied in Him.


The topics will centre on developing a strong, practical relationship with God while others will centre on mental health, nutrition and discussions surrounding how it all fits together in our present world. Aside from the presentations and discussions, there will be plenty of time for quiet devotionals, time for the outdoors and a special outing together on Sunday.


More info here.