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A Musically Spoken Gospel
A Musically Spoken Gospel
Marco Alonso

On January 7 to 14, the 2nd National Music Congress was held in Itú, Brazil; an hour and forty minutes to the southeast of São Paulo city. It was held at our church property known as Chácara Ebenezer. This was the perfect place to inspire and host around 200 musicians from all parts of Brazil, including a few from Peru and the United States.

The week-long event provided all the participants with comprehensive training on their instruments and helped them in their sectional rehearsals. On the first day, the musicians were settling in and being oriented to their schedule. At sunset, they took a quick music theory test and were auditioned before the judges so they could be assigned to their respective rehearsal groups.

Each day started with morning worship at 7:00 AM followed by a healthy vegan breakfast. Next was the music theory class. Then the advanced and beginner orchestras rehearsed their repertoire for the final concert scheduled for Sabbath and Sunday.

During the morning and evening worships, one single theme resounded: missionary work and worship through music. This sentiment was transmitted to every child and youth as they played their instruments and used their talents to tell the story of Christ’s redeeming love.

As the weekend was approaching, one could hear musicians practicing in the hallways and rooms. Such dedication inspired the congregation as they listened to the hymns and classical pieces presented by our youth.

The Music Congress was a success and the musicians as well as the concert guests were greatly blessed with the sacred music. There was also sadness of separating from the wonderful friends we had made and the instructors and conductors who had patiently rehearsed with us for many hours. As we sang the hymn “God Be With You Till We Meet Again,” many hearts were touched with the blessed hope of the second coming of Jesus when we’ll never part again.

As I reflect on the benefits of the Music Congress, personally, I can say that being in nature and disconnected from the social media distractions, this proved to be a great blessing for my spiritual life. Also, I was greatly benefited by the morning and evening worshiptime presented from God’s word. We were all reminded that the goal of true music ministry is not showmanship, but rather the musical communication of one’s personal encounter with God.