News Updates

Eli Tenorio
June 17, 2015
During the last week of May, a workers' seminar was held in Rwanda with the participation of workers from the Rwandan Union Mission and some from Congo (Kivu Missions).

On Sunday, the Executive Committees of the Rwandan Union Mission and North Kivu Mission met with the General Conference Secretary at the Union Mission headquarters to clarify some matters related to the upcoming General Conference Delegation Session and the plans for further development of the work in their respective regions.

John Bosco
June 16, 2015
The mission in Madagascar has now been officially organized with the baptism of 45 precious souls!

During the first two weeks of June 2015, evangelistic seminars were held in various cities in Madagascar by the African Regional Assistant Secretary, Brother John Bosco.

SDARM-GC office
June 9, 2015
United States
This interview, posted here by permission, first appeared on the Spectrum website, dated April 11, 2015:


Seventh Day Adventist Reform Movement President Explains the Century-Old Church Split


The Reform Movement holds the same fundamental beliefs as the Seventh-day Adventist Church, including beliefs about the state of the dead, the investigative judgment, the inspired nature of Ellen G. White's writings, baptism by immersion, the importance of evangelism before the second coming, and the seventh-day Sabbath. Our two churches both have General Conference sessions this year. 


Bethany Montrose
May 14, 2015
United States
The retreat brought families together to be refreshed by the beauty of God's creation, inspired in hope and love, and encouraged by the baptism of 4 young people.


From May 8–10, 2015, a family retreat was held in the state of Virginia on the topic, “Love at Home,” with over 80 persons present, including visitors from far and near. This rejuvenating event took place in the natural scenery of a 120-acre peninsula at Smith Mountain Lake, the same location where the 22nd General Conference Delegation Session will be held in 2015. During this retreat, we took time to step away from the busy-ness of daily toil to commune with God and our fellow believers in the beauty of God’s creation, bringing refreshment to everyone.


May 13, 2015

On May 11, 2015, the Missionary School in Kenya started a new term with 15 students.

Your First Sabbath Offering enables the General Conference to support financially the missionary schools around the world.

Another missionary school is being built in the Democratic Republic of the Congo to enroll students coming from French-speaking countries.