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Vicki Gillham
October 7, 2015
United States
A candid, unedited letter sent by a visitor: "This seems to be a worldwide body of people unified in purpose. . . . In their services they always have a handshake line coming out of the sanctuary—if there are 20 people who came that day you will shake nearly 20 hands—if there are 100 people there you will shake nearly 100 hands . . . .

Testimony originally sent to our Facebook Page.

GC Media
October 2, 2015
If you missed this event or simply would like to be refreshed by it again and again, just click on the following links: . . .


From the feedback we have received, the Spiritual Meetings of the 22nd SDARM General Conference Delegation brought great encouragement to all who attended either in person or online. If you missed this event or simply would like to be refreshed by it again and again, just click on the following links:


September 30, 2015
Brother Benjamin Burec, 83, went peacefully to rest in the Lord in Roanoke,VA, on Tuesday, September 29, 2015.

Brother Benjamin Burec was born and raised in the Seventh Day Adventist Reform Movement. From his youth, he served the Lord for over 45 years in various positions in the Church. Some of his responsibilites in the General Conference included treasurer, secretary, Sabbath School Department director, Public Relations officer, and Reformation Herald Publishing Association director. He was experienced in many areas of the Lord's work.

By Alexandre Araújo
September 22, 2015
Besides being a leader and idealist, God’s messenger also possessed a human side neither well known nor often remembered.

This year marks the centennial of the death of Ellen G. White, God’s messenger. During this year, we should take the opportunity to reflect on the blessing that her life and ministry represent for the remnant people. The numbers relative to her work are impressive:

During her ministry, Sister White produced over 100,000 pages of manuscripts, which include over 5,000 articles and the publication of 26 books.


Daniel Campodonico
September 5, 2015
On July 17–19, 2015, a spiritual conference entitled "Every Member a Missionary" was held in the Italian Field.

The conference was held in the midst of a beech forest near the springs of the Tiber River—the river that permitted the development of Rome. The main speaker was the 1st Vice President of the GC, Brother Peter Lausevic. Brother Lausevic was in Italy teaching Evangelism at the Italian Field’s Scuola Biblica Missionaria Il Faro (The Lighthouse Bible Missionary School) and thus was able to be present for the conference.