Conference - North Kivu

John Bosco
July 15, 2019
CONGO, Democratic Republic of
On July 12-14, the brethren in North Kivu gathered for a Spiritual Conference and for the ordination of elders and ministers.

North Kivu, The Democratic Republic of the Congo—From July 12-14, the brethren in North Kivu gathered together for a Spiritual Conference. The conference came at the end of a week-long seminar for the Bible workers of the region. 


At the conference, four brethren were ordained as elders and two brethren as ministers. Brother John Bosco, the Regional Secretary for the Northern African Region, and three ministers from Rwanda were present to speak at the seminar, conference, and perform the ordination. The brethren from Rwanda have been actively helping the church grow in North Kivu since the work arrived in that region.


We praise the Lord for His mercies toward His children and for keeping them under His wings. Despite the wars and unrest in North Kivu, the brethren are active and steady as they toil in the Lord's vineyard. For this, we praise God and request your prayers for them.