Baptism in North Kivu

John Bosco
May 21, 2019
CONGO, Democratic Republic of
Through the terrible war, God worked something great.

Iwaru, the Democratic Republic of the Congo—In 2018, the brethren in North Kivu transformed the local church property into a refugee camp to house the brethren fleeing the ongoing civil war. The GC Welfare Department (through your offerings) sent food and other aid to help them, as many had lost their land and family members. The aid was distributed among our brethren, as well as shared with other refugees fleeing the conflict from around the country. 


Through the terrible war, God worked something great. The refugees with whom the brethren shared their food, received the welfare aid, but also came into contact with God's precious love. When they left the camp, they took home with them the Gospel truth. As a result, 200km away in Iwaru, we have a new group with some 40 baptized souls. 


Praise the Lord, for He is always in control. Praise His name for He is merciful and good. May we keep our brethren in North Kivu in our thoughts and prayers as they attempt to create a new normal. And thank you to everyone who continues to donate to the Welfare Department funds. Your offerings go far and touch the lives of people in ways you may only learn in heaven.


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