The Importance of Church Schools

Mario Alvarado Palacios
February 21, 2019
"In all our churches there should be schools, and teachers in these schools who are missionaries." But why? And is that possible?

Families and education are inseparable; as soon as a child arrives home for the first time, everyone contributes something to their education, protection, and safety. But what about when the child reaches school age when they must go to school outside their home? Who will be their teachers? Will they be your God-fearing friends? Or boys and girls experts in sin? Will the school keep God's commandments? There remain many questions, which are the concern and suffering of the afflicted parents who have the responsibility before God to take their children to the very gates of heaven.


It seems simple at first, but when their children grow up and make deep and lasting friendships with non-believers and generate their own criteria, they judge and criticize the church and get to the point of announcing: "Dad, you're not going to make me go to church". It seems that everything is over, that the house has collapsed.


Homeschool, or school at home, is possible in some countries, yet it too requires a lot of attention and vigilance from the parents, otherwise, it is also a resounding failure.


"The Lord would use the church school as an aid to the parents in educating and preparing their children for this time before us," Child Guidance, p. 312.


"As in their day, so now the Lord would have the children gathered out from those schools where worldly influences prevail, and placed in our own schools, where the word of God is made the foundation of education," Counsels to Parents, Teachers, and Students, p. 166


"The best ministerial talent should be employed in teaching the Bible in our schools [...] and their salary should be paid from the tithe," Testimony Treasures, vol. 2, p. 415.


"In all our churches there should be schools, and teachers in these schools who are missionaries," Counsels to Parents, Teachers, and Students, p. 168.


God's purpose: "In all our churches there should be schools" seems impossible, unattainable, not for us, for other denominations. But when God asks us for something, it is because we can do it. He does not ask the impossible. He has the means and is ready to help us. May we claim His promises in faith and do our part. Everything must be done for His glory and for the salvation of our children, who are His children, His heirs.