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Media Studio Brazil
March 12, 2019
The Restoration Series is a six-part video study on the differences between the Reform Movement and the main SDA church. It will begin on March 13.

Itu, Brazil—Have you ever wondered what the differences are between the Reform Movement and the main SDA? Where did the Reform Movement come from? Why? 


Maybe you already know the history but would like to better understand the differences and how to answer questions like: Why a new movement? Why not reform from within? What are the main differences? 


Renata Chapman
March 5, 2019
From December 24 to January 7, volunteers from 14 countries set out on a mission to provide medical, dental, welfare, and spiritual aid to the village of Bakafa, Ethiopia.

From December 24, 2018, to January 7, 2019, volunteers from 14 countries set out on a mission organized by the Northern California Conference to provide medical, dental, welfare, and spiritual aid to a small village known as Bakafa, five hours south of Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.


The first volunteers arrived in Addis Ababa on December 23 and began purchasing supplies and the necessary equipment. We gathered our supplies, packed up three buses full of volunteers and set out on a long, bumpy, 8-hour journey to Bakafa.


March 1, 2019
United States
Statement regarding the meetings between the Seventh Day Adventist Reform Movement and the Seventh-day Adventist leadership.

Dear Brethren from the SDARM,


February 27, 2019
Applications to participate in the GC Worldwide Orchestra at this year's GC Session are now open.



Advanced and professional orchestral instrumentalists from around the world are invited to attend intensive rehearsals in Brazil on September 15–19, 2019, in preparation for performances at the SDARM General Conference to be held September 19–22.


Instrumentalists must register for the public meetings and the orchestra. More information can be found and applications can be made online by clicking here


Mario Alvarado Palacios
February 21, 2019
"In all our churches there should be schools, and teachers in these schools who are missionaries." But why? And is that possible?

Families and education are inseparable; as soon as a child arrives home for the first time, everyone contributes something to their education, protection, and safety. But what about when the child reaches school age when they must go to school outside their home? Who will be their teachers? Will they be your God-fearing friends? Or boys and girls experts in sin? Will the school keep God's commandments? There remain many questions, which are the concern and suffering of the afflicted parents who have the responsibility before God to take their children to the very gates of heaven.