Mission Trip - Tocantins, Brazil

André Devai
September 18, 2018
A mission trip was held in Tocantins, Brazil, on July 22-24, 2018.

Araguaína, Brazil—The mission took place in the Northern Brazilian Union area, in Brazil's youngest state: Tocantins. The event was promoted by the GC Welfare Department and The Good Samaritan Welfare Ministry of the North and South Brazilian Unions, as well as by the Central Brazilian Field.


The city of Araguaína was the place chosen for the event. We began our project on Sabbath, July 21, with morning meetings and then house-to-house literature and invitation distribution in the afternoon.


On July 22 to 24, we attended the community, offering 18 different services in the medical area, esthetician services, income generation advising, counseling, and social assistance. We also provided several activities for the children who passed by the mission center. We had approximately 150 volunteers from various parts of Brazil who traveled many miles to serve in Tocantins. They served 1,308 people in the three days of the mission, and the total number of services given were 5,375.


The missionary work that was done had a positive impact on both the people who received the aid, as wells as on our volunteers who felt motivated to work for the Master. The local worker was left with 241 enrollments for Bible studies and 95 requests for home visits.

Thank God, as a result of their time serving others, many of our young people made a decision to give their hearts to the Lord, feeling the joy of being more useful to the cause of God.


In the months of January and July of every year, a mission like the one in Tocantins is carried out in South America. The next one is scheduled for January 2019, and we intend to serve two countries in one trip—Argentina and Uruguay. The expected dates are:

Argentina (Buenos Aires) January 18-23, 2019 

Uruguay (Montevideo) January 25-28, 2019


If you would like to participate, please get in touch with your local Union or Field leaders or email us for more information at adevai@sdarm.org