How the Internet Took the Gospel to Togo

John Bosco
September 5, 2018
It was in December of 2015 when Brother Johnnee stumbled upon the Seventh Day Adventist Reform Movement website. And that was when it all began.

Lomé, Togo—It was in December of 2015 when Brother Johnnee stumbled upon the Seventh Day Adventist Reform Movement website. His curiosity mounted, and he became interested in the message he read. He reached out to the General Conference Secretary, Brother Eli Tenorio, who promptly placed him in contact with Brother John Bosco, Regional Secretary for Northern Africa.


Brother Bosco made plans and visited Togo in 2016 when he held a seminar with Brother Johnnee and his interested family. He invited the family to attend a conference that was to take place in Accra Ghana. After the conference, a Bible worker was sent to Lomé, the capital of Togo to continue Bible studies with Brother Johnnee's family and continue the work in Togo.


A room was rented to facilitate gathering, and the families come together every Sabbath for worship. On August 10, 2018, the first souls were baptized into the Reform Movement in Togo, and those 15 now comprise two groups: one in Lomé and the second one in Adetikope just 30km from Lomé. More souls are studying and preparing for the next baptism.


The rented room in Lomé has been outgrown as more and more interested souls gather, and the meeting place can no longer hold them all. The Abedikope brethren worship under tees in the outdoors. Buying a plot, around $7,000-$10,000, is too expensive for the local brethren.


The internet was a channel used by God to reach our new brethren in Togo. Can it raise the funds to build a church for them? Can it help spread the Word of God to more countries? That's up to you. 


To help build a church in Togo, contribute with any amount you can to our Togo Church Building project below. 



Spreading the Gospel using the Internet is increasingly easier. Use your presence on the Internet to witness to your friends and family. See an article you enjoy? Share it with your friends online. Join us on Facebook and be an active member of our online community. Only God can know how far each share will go.


May God bless our brethren in Togo. We praise His name for using this platform to further His work.