Radio Svitanje - Belgrade, Serbia

Branko Djuric
August 6, 2018
Radio Svitanje in Belgrade, Serbia, is covering current events in a Christian perspective. Learn more

BELGRADE, SERBIA—By God’s grace and with the encouragement of the local brethren, Radio Svitanje began almost two years ago. The radio is based in Belgrade as part of the Yugoslavian Union, and its name, "Svitanje", means "dawn". The program is hosted online, and thus earned the nickname “the radio that can be watched” as the interviews are streamed online as well.


The project began with the encouragement of Brother Peter Barkovic who approached Brother Branko Djuric, now the radio project director, with the idea. Aware of the monumental responsibility linked to such a project creation, Brother Branko was hesitant at first. However, Brother Peter’s enthusiasm and faith finally convinced him to accept the responsibility, and the radio program began to take shape.


With only 4 individuals (2 audio-video technicians and 2 journalists), the radio program began through online broadcasts. The pilot program was launched in November 2016 and devoted to the topic of global interest—Donald Trump’s presidential election. The guest and commentator on the issue was Pastor Walter Lukic from the Eastern Canadian Field. Other topics related to Protestant and Catholic reconciliation were covered with the help of Pastor Peter Lausevic. While most content is produced in the Serbian language, there is also material in Romanian and some in English.


Besides the above-mentioned topics, the program has broadcasted pieces on other themes, such as the Bible as the word of God, family issues, education, health, the position of conscientious objectors, etc. Special guests have also made an appearance, among them Walter Veith, the Adventist preacher and zoologist; David Gates, an Adventist missionary; and Jovana Stojkovic, psychiatrist and advocate for the freedom of choice when it comes to the immunization and preventive vaccination of young children. Her interview alone gained the highest number of the viewers on the program’s YouTube channel, reaching 10,000 views.


The goal for the future is one and a half hour long bi-weekly radio broadcasts in frequencies that will reach Belgrade commuters during peak hours (mornings and evenings). The interviews will cover current events and relevant news from a Christian perspective.


To reach this goal, several barriers must be overcome, such as finding the necessary resources and obtaining licenses and government approval. Such a project, reaching thousands of listeners daily, would be a blessing. Please, keep the Radio Svitanje project in your prayers.


“Do not despise these small beginnings, for the Lord rejoices to see the work begin…” Zechariah 4:10.


You can listen to the program and learn more about it by visiting the website here.