Welfare Assistance Campaign - Kenya

Andre Devai
May 1, 2018
Updates from Kenya where welfare assistance by brethren from around the world is aiding families in securing their livelihood.


In March 2018, the Welfare Department Director, Brother Andre Devai, visited our brethren in various countries in Africa to address specific aspects of our people's needs in these extremely distressed regions.


The visit began in Kenya, where it was discovered that many of the brethren go hungry for a great part of the year. It is a region that has little water and only 3 months of rain from April-June. This meant that if the brethren were equipped with the necessary means, they could plant immediately and have food for the rest of this year. However, they did not have the tools and seeds to plant and take advantage of the rains.


After a meeting with family representatives, the Welfare Department understood that with an investment of only US$120 per family, the brethren could buy the tools, seeds, and planting material needed to take advantage of the rainy season. With the help of brethren from various parts of the world, the necessary material was bought and funds to tide the families over for the first 3 months, which represents a total investment of $250 per family, was secured. The families have already begun planting, and with the blessings from our good God, these families will be able to secure their livelihood for the rest of the year.


The project in Kenya has 3 parts. Planting is the first part. The second is to dig an artesian well and thus provide these families with the possibility of planting throughout the year, not just during the rainy season. It will also serve to form a small community around the well, which will be an added blessing. The third part is the construction of a more permanent and sturdier church building. Our church there is the only one in the region. With a proper church and enthusiastic evangelistic work, much can be done for the cause of the Lord. 


Please pray for this project, and those who can and wish to contribute financially are warmly welcome.