Music Camp - Itu, Brazil

Dayse Corte
February 12, 2018
Last month a music camp was held in Itu, Brazil. Two-hundred participants enjoyed music classes, rehearsals, performances, and fellowship during the week-long event.

On January 7-14, 2018, a music camp was held at the Ebenézer church property in Itu, São Paulo, Brazil. The 200 participants came from different parts of Brazil and other countries seeking the same thing: to expand their musical knowledge and worship God through music.


Different levels of classes—beginner, intermediate, and advanced—were offered during the camp, and children, young people, and adults participated. There was something for everyone—a children's band, children's choir, general choir, band, and orchestra. Qualified instructors taught the classes on theory, children's music, instrument, and choir to cater to the different levels of musicians present.


The week was full of classes and the participants were constantly busy as there were also rehearsals to attend. Not a few thought about giving up performing because of the difficulty of the pieces, but the desire to do their best and produce beautiful music was stronger and everyone remained firm in their preparations for the final performances. The commitment of the musicians was very visible during each day that passed. One could witness several groups scattered around the property with rehearsals happening non-stop, night and day. Everyone was keen to do their best during the performances on Sabbath, the day on which they would play for the public.


On Sabbath, January 13, the event was open to the public and brethren from neighboring regions came to watch the program. In the afternoon, the musicians had their final presentation with the choir, band, and orchestra. The visitors marveled at the performances dedicated to praising God.


On the last day, the musicians received a certificate as a reward for their efforts during the camp, and there could be seen the smile of those who had never played before and who were now musicians with great talent in the cause of God. The difficulties they had faced were now seen as obstacles used to strengthen each one who participated in that learning adventure, and in the end, one could hear the beautiful performances that by the grace of God rose to Heaven as sweet incense.