Humanitarian Mission - Peru

Oziel Fernandes
September 10, 2017
Humanitarian mission to Peru with 20 services offered and volunteers from all over Latin America.

LIMA, PERU—A humanitarian mission was planned to assist the brethren and communities in Peru. The mission took place after terrible floods hit the country earlier in 2017. The project was a result of the combined forces of the Welfare Department of the Brazilian Unions (The Good Samaritan), and the local brethren in Peru. 


Volunteers from all over Latin America, including Bolivia, Chile, Mexico, Peru, Brazil, and Argentina participated in the mission from July 23-25, 2017. The volunteers included members and non-members, lay-volunteers and professionals, young and young at heart. In total, the mission consisted of 300 volunteers. Most traveled thousands of miles by bus, across South America, to participate. 


The 20 services offered and the number of people attended at each service are as follows:

Medical 524
Iridology 261
Dentistry 349
Psychology 70
Nursing 1,073
Eye Exams 298
Nutrition 201
Naturopathy 153
Podiatry 123
Physiotherapy 342
Legal Advice  6
Esthetics  362
Hair Cuts 267
Sewing and Crafts 521 individuals with a total of 1,604 projects.
Cooking Classes 176
Clothing Donations 87 individuals/families and 384 pieces of clothing.
Children Department 314
Family Department/Counseling 884
Literature Distributed 2,450
Enrollment in Bible Studies 587

Individuals were allowed to visit multiple services and many did so. The total number of people who passed through at least one of the services offered at the mission was 7,403. Among the visitors were staff members of a local radio station, Karibeña. 


The humanitarian mission was set up at a local school. People started forming lines in the sidewalk outside the school waiting to be admitted. Others waited in the school yard where a waiting room was set up. There, some of the volunteers had the opportunity to speak to them and share God's word as they waited. The classrooms were set up for each specific service. The mission lasted three days consecutively from 8am to 12pm and then again at 2pm to 6pm. 


May God bless each person that visited the mission, as well as each volunteer. May the seeds sown in those three days yield fruit to His glory.