Missionary Work - England

Gabriel Șerban
September 4, 2017
United Kingdom
Photos and summary of the Missionary Campaign in Walsall, England held in the summer of 2017.

WALSALL, ENGLAND—“Also I heard the voice of the Lord, saying, Whom shall I send, and who will go for us? Then said I, Here am I; send me,” Isaiah 6:8.


A group of young missionaries obeyed God’s calling and took part in a missionary project held from July 24 to August 13, 2017 in the town of Walsall, UK.


Walsall is a town in the West Midlands of England. It is located 8 miles from Birmingham, which is the second-biggest city in England. As far as religion is concerned, the majority of the people in Walsall identify as Christian (59.0%), followed by Muslims (8.2%), and other religions and atheists (26%).


The Seventh Day Adventist Reform Movement message reached the town of Walsall for the first time in August 2016 when a family of our church, guided by the Holy Spirit, decided to move there and started to bring light to the area. By God’s grace, this year we had the first public evangelization project in this town. Brother Liviu Tudoroiu was our guest speaker. He delivered a series of lectures entitled “Food For Thought”(August 8–13).


In preparation for this project, we canvassed the area for two weeks before the health lectures started. We were happy to have the help of young people from Spain and from the United States, who accepted our invitation and traveled a long way, leaving behind their dear ones for a while and gladly sacrificing their resources and time for God’s work. When we asked them what made them come this long way, the answer was, “We believe in the canvassing work, and we know that if we do not accept to do it now, we will have to do it when the trials come. We chose to come now.”


Two by two we walked the streets of the town, knocking at every door and sharing our message using flyers, booklets, and inviting people to our health lectures. At the end of these two weeks of canvassing, Brother Liviu began the series of lectures with the topic “Food Addiction”. Every following evening had a new lecture.


Sabbath, August 12, 2017, was a really blessed day. We had guests from the other churches across the country with us, and we were able to praise the Lord together and study God's precious message. We concluded this missionary campaign with a cooking class on Sunday, August 13, 2017. Our team demonstrated healthy recipes, and the attendees had the opportunity to taste the food prepared.


Besides the wonderful experiences that we gained by walking daily with God in our work there and by being together with the brethren all this time, we were blessed with the chance to better understand the kind of unity Jesus desires for His church. We came from different cultures, with different backgrounds, but the love of Christ gathered us under the same purpose.


We thank God for the new contacts made in Walsall. We plan to keep a living connection with them, visiting and inviting them to our future events. Please pray for this project that we had, for the seeds of the truth that were sown, and for the advancement of the Gospel in the United Kingdom and around the world. Your prayers will be much appreciated.