Updates from Uganda

Rolly Dumaguit
July 11, 2017
Updates from the work being done in East and West Uganda where offerings have been used to feed the hungry and prepare a place of worship.

From May, 24 to June 6, 2017, Brother Peter Lausevic, Brother John Bosco, and Brother Rolly Dumaguit visited Western and Eastern Uganda. A week-long camp-meeting was held in Western Uganda in the village of Nyakabale in the town of Hoima. Members from different churches came together for the event. It was the first camp-meeting held in that area that was hosted by the local churches without financial aid from the General Conference.


The following week, the brethren visited the church headquarters in Kampala City and proceeded to the Eastern part of the country, particularly the village of Sironko in the town of Mbale. The brethren visited the local church during the weekend.


A sister from South Korea and brethren from the Philippines had sent funds to aid the needy families in that place. With the funds trusted to them, the brethren distributed 10kg of rice, 5kgs of corn flour, and a bar of laundry soap for 145 families in West Uganda. While in East Uganda they distributed 10kgs of rice, 10kg of corn flour, 1 liter of cooking oil, and a bar of laundry soap to 45 families within our church. They also distributed 5kgs of corn flour and a bar of laundry soap to 120 non-member families. The remainder of the money was donated to repair two rooms in the church headquarters in Kampala in order to prepare the rooms to be used as a worship hall and to provide additional chairs and a rostrum for the worship services.


May God continue blessing and prospering His work in Uganda that the work there may bring forth glory to His name. Would you like to help our church family in Uganda? Remember them in your next Sabbath offering or donate now by designating "Uganda" at the time of your donation.