Updates from Guyana

Herold Etes
July 5, 2017
"‘that thou shouldest bring salvation unto the ends of the earth,’” Acts 13:47. Taking the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the Essequibo Islands.

ESSEQUIBO ISLANDS, GUYANA—From April to June, I have had the opportunity to visit and work in the islands in the Essequibo River in Guyana accompanied by Brother Desmond Daniels—the Guyana Mission President—and his nephew, Eon Daniels, who is interested in the Gospel message.


"The Essequibo River (Spanish: Río Essequibo) is the largest river in Guyana and the largest river between the Orinoco and Amazon. Rising in the Acarai Mountains near the Brazil-Guyana border, the Essequibo flows to the north for 1,014 kilometres (630 mi) through forest and savanna into the Atlantic Ocean."1


Among the dozens of islands along that river, we have made it to Caria Caria, a sparsely populated island where almost everyone knows everyone and most of them are relatives. There, the island residents enjoy the blessing of living in the midst of the forest far from the tumult of the city, with a peace of mind, and in direct contact with nature's resources. They drink rain water or from the river itself, and have one small boat as a means of transportation. I believe this way of living has a great impact on their character. They are a very kind and humble people and are open to the Word of God. It is good to be with them.


Like many other millions living in this world, they needed to know the everlasting Gospel and the Creator of all the natural blessings around them and to be prepared to meet their Lord before it is too late. I believe that just as the Lord guided Philip to the Eunuch, He guided us to them. Some of them on the island are sincerely looking for a better relationship with God and for the deeper peace of mind that only Jesus' friendship can provide.


They invited us to stay as long as we can and to build a place where they can gather for worship. Initially, we had nothing there, but on our third visit they have provided a place and helped build a shelter where we can hold worship and night meetings.


Our prayer is that God may continue to keep working in their hearts. We pray that He may bless our labour with His Holy Spirit, and continue guiding the frail instruments that we are as we give ourselves into His hand to tell these people of His saving power. We ask for prayers from the brethren around the world in favour of the people in Guyana.