Peru Flood Relief Appeal

André Marcelo Devai 
March 21, 2017
Photos and news of how our brethren in Peru have been affected by the disastrous floods and how you can help.

Peru - Lima, March 21, 2017 


To the beloved SDARM family throughout the world. 


“And whether one member suffer, all the members suffer with it; or one member be honored, all the members rejoice with it. Now ye are the body of Christ, and members in particular.” 1 Corinthians 12:26, 27.  


In recent days due to a phenomenon called El Niño, Peru has been through very difficult times. When the temperature of the ocean rose, it caused a landslide—forming a natural disaster called "Huaico". “Huaico” is a violent flood that runs down mountains, taking with it stones, clay, sand, wood, and everything that is in its way. It also brings pouring rain with thunder and lighting. On the Internet and news, you can see videos of the furious "Huaico" taking cars, buses, trucks, houses, bridges, roads, and unfortunately many lives.  Our brothers here in Peru are also suffering due to this situation in several cities.


The places most affected are: 


Trujillo – The homes of five brethren have been destroyed and so far 29 families have lost their belongings and need immediate help with food and water. In Trujillo, we have a brother here who is suffering under a series of severe trials; he was dismissed from his job due to his keeping the Sabbath and now he has lost his house with all his belongings and has been diagnosed with an illness for which the treatment will be very expensive. 


Santa Eulália – Our church has been affected by the flood. A technical analysis will be done to see if the church should be demolished or can be recovered. Rooms and the kitchen in the back of the church that serve as a home for the local missionary and elders have been condemned and must be demolished and rebuilt. We will also need to build a retaining wall 90 meters long (approx. 295 feet) for future security. In addition, brethren in the region who are farmers have lost their crops and will need financial support to feed themselves for a few months. There are 7 families in such need. 


Sup – In Sup we have a boarding school with 45 children. Including the teachers, administrators and other employees who live at the school, there is a total of 60 persons. Thank God we did not have any great damage to the property, yet the school is without water or electricity and it will remain so for several days due to damages caused by the "Huaico" to the networks and springs of the cities. We need to buy water trucks and throughout the region we face rising food prices inflated by the catastrophe, which will cause us to have a much higher expenditure than normal for food for the children. 


Besides these places mentioned above, there are many other cases that we are mapping out and working to attend through the Welfare Department of our church in Peru. On behalf of the General Conference, we are in the country personally spending emergency funds, so that our brothers are not lacking water and food and are properly housed during this period, and at the same time are coordinating the assistance that needs to be done during this week (March 19–23). 


Together with the local welfare department, pastors, workers, officials, and a large number of lay members of the affected regions, we need more financial help to support "our big family" here in this difficult time. Your offering is essential. We will certainly have an expense of over $40,000 to meet the need in all these situations.


Our local churches, fields, and Union here are doing their best to the collect offerings, however, the problem is much greater than they can meet alone. More can be done with your offer of love.


Money can be sent in a few ways:  


1. Paypal ID: (or with the button below).

2. Through the Welfare or Treasury Department of your local Unions and Fields.

3. For those in Brazil:

Banco Bradesco Agencia 328     

Conta Corrente: 81481-4 

CNPJ 61037792 / 0001-63 


We look forward to your collaboration.


On behalf of the Welfare Department of the General Conference, your servant: 

André Marcelo Devai 

GC Welfare Department Director