Holiday Soup Kitchen - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Michel Pires
January 8, 2017
On Christmas Eve, December 24, 2016, our brethren and church friends in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil went to a local park to serve a special Christmas Eve dinner for the less fortunate.

RIO DE JANEIRO—The brethren in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil took advantage of Christmas Eve—a time where many in the world celebrate with lavish dinners with family and friends—to distribute a special dinner to the less fortunate. The "Sopão Solidário" (Solidarity Soup Kitchen) project began over a year ago in Curitiba, Brazil, and the idea has now been implemented in other states, like Rio de Janeiro. The project consists of distributing food, clothing, literature, and Christian love to the homeless. The brethren organize a group of church members and friends who volunteer on a weekly basis and go to strategic places in the city to reach those who need help the most.


On December 24, the brethren in Rio took food, literature, and special gifts to Jardim do Méier—a local park. There, they distributed food, beverages, and literature. A special message and prayer were offered, and then the volunteers served the meals. As everyone ate, the volunteers had the opportunity to talk with their new friends and witness. 


May God bless the work being done in these cities, as well as the contact made during that evening.